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Our Driving Force

Our mission is to educate, empower, and engage youth and adults in order to create a sense of community, to promote wellness, and to sustain opportunity for Chariho voices to be heard.


We envision a society driven toward physical and mental well-being created through collaboration, education, and activism to promote positive community climate.

Our Roots


Over the past 10 years the Chariho Youth Task Force has worked to change the culture around tobacco use within Chariho and on a state level, we have honored victims of drunk driving to strive toward a zero fatality Rhode Island, we have educated our community of the effects of substance use and work to influence safer medication storage in homes, we are leading a regional movement toward a focus on positive mental health and coping strategies, we sponsor foster children and families in need, are working to change the culture around body positivity – we are making a difference within our three towns, throughout Rhode Island and have been recognized on a national level for doing so.

As of February 2019, the Chariho Youth Task Force has merged with the Chariho Tri-Town Task Force on Substance Use Prevention who has been doing work in the Chariho Community for over 30 years. We are excited to be working together as the Chariho youth Task Force to better serve our community! 

CYTF Documentary

CYTF Documentary

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Objectives & Focus Areas

Facilitate conversations to address the concerns and passions of the community regarding health and wellness.  

Support the community through a comprehensive, evidence-based approach and provide resources, education, and outreach.

Through authentic youth engagement we will ensure that all young people will have a seat at the table of their choosing and provide opportunities for leadership.

Substance Use 


Mental Health



Populations of Need


of Healthy Lifestyles

Our Staff 

Dan Fitzgerald Headshot.jpg

Dan Fitzgerald, MPH, ICPS

Executive Director


Ashley Iadevaia, Ed.D, ACPS

Westerly Prevention & Wellness Partnership


Amy Neilson, CCHW

Community Health Worker

Untitled design.png

Kayla Van Gorden

Davisville Youth Organizer


Rebecca Fitzgerald, CPS

Community Impact Coordinator


Terri Censabella, MA, ACDP, ACPS

Strong Arms Support Group

Our Board of Officers

Volunteer Board Members

Karen Johnson

Operations Officer

Kally Hanifin

Mission Officer

The Rev. Bettine Besier

Finance Officer

Ann Marie Louzon

Relations Officer

Dorothy Fitzgerald

Sustainability Officer
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