From 'Resolution' to 'Evolution'

From Resolution to EvolutioN

Let’s not think of new year resolutions, instead, let's think all year evolution. Let’s change the way we think! Resolution is described as a firm decision to do or not to do something. While evolution is described as the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. Both these words reflect the change but in two very different ways. A resolution allows for no gray areas or mistakes to be made while evolution is a slow progression over time. Just by changing wording we can change our perspective on beginning the new year. No one needs to feel bad about themselves because they haven’t set a resolution or have failed theirs. Celebrating the new year should be just that, a celebration. Not everyone is going to be ready at the same time to make a change or feel like they need to make one. We don’t need to wait or speed up ourselves.

Theory of Change

Often times we feel pressured by society to change ourselves. Change is not innately bad, but not doing it at our own pace can be. Change works best when we are ready for it to happen. Not everyone is ready to set a hefty goal the first of the year. And not everyone needs to do so. Healthy change can happen anytime of the year and at any pace. If we are putting off a goal for a set date, then we are most likely not ready at that time to start. Which is okay! Being pressured to change for the wrong reason can be unhealthy. Setting firm goals can cause upset because change doesn’t work that smoothly. Recovery, development, and change, are not linear paths. The simple decision to start or stop something is not enough to make sure we follow through. Recovery, development, and change are cyclical paths. We should all be working on being our best selves throughout the year. The prevalence of new year resolutions in our society and the stigma around getting help lead people to believe they can just set a resolution and cure themselves for the next year. Will power isn’t always enough when it comes to addiction, substance abuse, mental illness or eating disorders. There are many stages of change that lead us to the end result we desire. For both big and small things in our lives.

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