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Let's learn to love our bodies for what they are - a tool. A tool that allows us to walk, to run, to dance, to do all the things we love. Let's thrive, celebrate, and appreciate!

Campaign Origins


The Chariho Youth Task Force was founded on the core belief of creating a platform that gave voices to the voiceless and empowering youth to improve their collective community through advocacy and action. Because of this, Rebecca felt safe enough to share her personal experiences with an eating disorder at one of our meetings about 6 years ago. After sharing her personal experiences, we quickly realized this was a very real and important issue to the majority of the students around our table. We knew we had to do something, so we started with the simple phrase every BODY is beautiful! 

Children's Book

Copy of FINAL  EBIB Children's Book.png


Original children's book that walks youth through the steps to being body positive.

EBIB activity Guide Document (2).png

Activity Guide

All inclusive guide to the book and attached activity.

EBIB coloring activity  (1).png

Coloring & Writing Activity 

Coloring and writing exercise for youth to apply body positivity to themselves. 

Other Resources 

If we were able to get children to believe that they have worth no matter their appearance. That their bodies could allow them to do amazing things, then we could help them combat social pressures and harmful comments as they grow up. To meet that goal, we wrote, illustrated, and published a children’s book titled Every Body is Beautiful. Thanks to the Chariho Rotary Club we were able to get our first edition of it printed! In 2022 the newest rendition of the Every Body is Beautiful book was released on Amazon with digital illustrations.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 8.46.17 PM.PNG

T-Shirt Campaign

every-body-is-b_29360324 (1).png

Body Positivity Infographic


EBIB PowerPoint

EBIB Read-a-Long

With the help of many community members, in 2020 we launched our first edition of the EBIB book! Enjoy listening to us read the book together. 


Stickers to help spread the message

Here at _harvestacresfarmri for the rainbow race 5K!! Standing up to the stigma around men

CYTF Ambassadors walking in at Harvest Acres Fundraiser


Rebecca gives speech at EBIB Community Showcase


Walking in RI Pride

Community Showcase 2018

Pledging Body Positivity Banner


Stickers on mirror bathrooms


Lia, Sarah and Aimee presenting at EBIB Community Showcase


Zoe participating in a Body Positivity Safari activity at Healthy Kids day


Dan, Lia, Sarah, Ryan working with late Super-Intendant Barry Ricci to get EBIB in Chariho schools

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