You are not alone. Whether you are someone you love needs help related to substance use, there are resources available. Visit our resource page to see where you can turn next. Resources include state-wide behavioral health programs, support groups for loved ones, recovery centers, and more. 

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Stanford University

Cannabis Awareness and Prevention Toolkit

Theory-based and evidence-informed resources created by educators, parents, and researchers aimed at preventing middle and high school students’ use of cannabis/marijuana.

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Cannabis Prevention Toolkit

Curriculum for middle school students about how marijuana impacts the brain. Part eight of the Ask, Listen, Learn underage drinking prevention program addresses the effects of cannabis on the developing brain. It is important for kids to have the knowledge and tools they need to say “NO” to an array of risky behaviors.

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RI Regional Coalitions

Hidden In Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight allows parents a unique interactive opportunity to look into a teen's mock bedroom. The room is full of common household items that could be used to hide or disguise drug, alcohol, tobacco use or other "risky" behaviors. Usually we set this up in the school during Open Houses, but during COVID we have created a virtual version that you can do at home!

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The Blunt Truth About Marijuana and Driving


AAA has developed a new program for high school students that highlights the effects of marijuana use on the teenage brain, with a particular focus on the dangers of drugged driving. Shifting Gears: The Blunt Truth About Marijuana & Driving is a program presented by AAA staff in either your education classroom or virtually.