You are not alone. Whether you are someone you love needs help related to substance use, there are resources available. Visit our resource page to see where you can turn next. Resources include state-wide behavioral health programs, support groups for loved ones, recovery centers, and more. 

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Prevent Overdose RI:

How to Prevent an Overdose


  • Naloxone (also known as Narcan®) is a medicine that can stop an opioid overdose–like an overdose caused by fentanyl or heroin.

  • Naloxone is safe to use and only works if a person has opioids in their body.

  • If you give naloxone to someone who is overdosing, you are protected by the Rhode Island Good Samaritan Law and cannot be arrested.

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Creating Outreach About Addiction Support Together

COAAST works to eradicate the opioid epidemic through arts-based educational, therapeutic, and community-driven approaches. COAAST is most well known for their ‘Four Legs to Stand’ on production.