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It’s important to identify the things we have that help us. Oftentimes we overlook the things that we have right under our noses. Changing lighting, reading a book or hanging up positive messages can make a world of difference. Take the time to identify those things in the room around you. Find the things you already have and find new ways to use them to your benefit. You might already be using these items but maybe not in the most helpful way. 


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Stress Reduction Techniques

Deep Breathing

Breathe in slowly through your nose until your chest is full. Then breathe out slowly through your mouth. Continue this a few times until you begin to calm.


Try to find some time in your day to do something active. Even if it's just a quick walk or taking the stairs. Exercise brings out endorphins that make you feel good.


Listen to music that relaxes you. Try to avoid music that intensifies your negative energy. Try to carry around your headphones so you can have your own private music whenever needed. 

Muscle Relaxation

Take turns tightening different muscle groups and then relax them - such as shoulders, hands, legs, arms, Tighten one at a time and hold for 10 seconds and then release. Repeat several times. 

Guided Imagery

Think of a positive memory. Try to engulf yourself into that memory. What did you hear? What did you see? What did you smell? Try to engage all of your senses.



Carry journal around or a blank piece of paper so that you can write down your experiences and thoughts. If this doesn't help, try writing about other topics. 


Take a moment each day to be present. Plant your feet on the floor and close your eyes and recite a healthy mantra (ex: "I feel at peace" or "I am worthy") place a hand on your stomach to sync the mantra with your breathing. 

Talk to Someone

Communication is so important when getting across our feelings. Everyone gets overwhelmed and stressed sometimes. Being able to convey what you are feeling to the people around you can really release some of that stress. If you are having trouble speaking up try sending a text to a friend. 

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